The business

Did you know that…

 When La Trappe à fromage opened on March 23rd, 1995, the objective was to produce 146 kg of cheese per day and aimed for the following year a daily production of 167 kg. But in less than 6 months, the company produced 300 kg per day and could barely meet the demand! 

Today, La Trappe à fromage produce 1,300 kg of cheese per day, which is four times greater than a daily production in the first year of operation! 

– The Hébert family is now passing their expertise to the 5th generation of cheese maker.


Our craftsmanship now dates back to four generations. The Hébert family is proud to have cheesemakers from one generation to the next, from Albert, who graduated in 1925, to Mario Hébert, who graduated in 1982. The cheeses of Donat Hébert, Mario’s gr and father, had already won awards several times in the 1960s. However, his greatest reward came from his son Gilles Hébert (Mario’s father), who became master cheesemaker in 1961. The Héberts were able to pass down their passion for cheese from one generation to the next.

In March 1995, the first branch of La Trappe à fromage opened on Maloney Boulevard East. Gilles Joanisse and Mario Hébert were the founders. Since then, six branches have opened.