About us

Company foundation

Gilles Joanisse and Mario Hébert founded the Gatineau cheese factory in 1995. They moved to 514 Maloney Blvd. East, then moved in 1998 to 200 Bellehumeur Street in Gatineau. From two employees, the company quickly grew to 65 and now has six locations throughout the beautiful Outaouais region.

Every day, we transform 12,000 liters of local milk into 1,200 kilos of fresh cheese! Our specialty is fresh cheddar cheese, including the famous cheese curds, which won the Caseus d’or de Warwick in 2006. Specializing in fresh and aged cheddar, we also make several other specialty cheeses, from brie to monterey jack, as well as brick, colby and farmer.

In addition to cheeses, we offer beers from local microbreweries, a delicatessen and local products, as well as meals meticulously prepared by our beloved chef Patrick Lehoux.