La Trappe Cheese

It’s our cheese

La trappe à fromage makes its fresh cheese every day from 100% canadian milk.

On average, 1750 kilos of cheese per day are made in our plant and distributed the same day in our 6 boutiques. Our range of cheeses includes: Fresh grains of the day and block, L’Attrappe Coeur flowery rind cheese, aged cheddar, Brick, Monterey Jack, Farmer with flavors, Colby and raclette. Made on site by our cheesemakers, our cheese selection covers a wide range of flavours and colors.

100% canadian milk

We are proud to support Outaouais farms by using 100% local milk. All of our cheeses are made exclusively with local milk and then processed on site. Each year, more than 4 400 000 L of milk are transformed in our plant. La Trappe à fromage is honoured to bear the effigy of Canada’s dairy farmers.

The classics

Squick squick cheese curds

La Trappe à fromage cheese curds are an undeniable regional jewel of Gatineau-Ottawa. It has a slightly salty paste that sings “squick squick” under the tooth, a distinctive texture sought after by gourmets. Winner of a CASEUS d’Or in 2006, making it the best fresh cheese curd in Quebec.

It is available in white, yellow or marbled, in blocks or curds in several flavours (in stores only):

  • BBQ

L’Attrappe Coeur

Matured and prepared by our master cheesemakers, this cheese has a cream-coloured paste with a texture that varies from chalky to creamy, from the rind to the center. This
flowery crust-type cheese has a sweet aroma of fresh milk with hints of butter. L’Attrappe Coeur pairs perfectly with a white wine and a peach, apricot and maple butter.

Its name L’Attrappe Coeur comes from a play on words: La Trappe and the heart. The 180 gram wheel is offered in the shape of a heart. A must-have
flowery crust d’ici in a unique format that everyone will love!

L’Attrappe Coeur is available in the branches of La Trappe à Fromage located in Hull, Gatineau (2), Masson, Aylmer and Val-des-Monts, in all Métro markets in Quebec as well as in grocery chains in the Outaouais region.